STM32F4 Discovery board code

This year our lab is hosting Basics of Microprocessors Technology course. We prepared some class instructions that can be found on Google Drive (only in Polish language): The code for testing the board and its expansion board is shared on Git. The project is using the FreeRTOS operating system and tests following peripherals: GPIO – […]

An Indoor RGB-D Dataset for the Evaluation of Robot Navigation Algorithms

Below, we provide the links for downloading the RGB-D dataset for development and evaluation of mobile robot navigation systems. The dataset was registered using a WiFiBot robot equipped with a Kinect sensor.  Unlike the presently available datasets, the environment was specifically designed for the registration with the Kinect sensor – we placed some objects in the environment, […]

Source code for FAST feature detection in FPGA

To celebrate the start of the GitHub account of our lab, we decided to release the VHDL source code for the FAST feature detector, as this particular module was something we were often asked for in the emails. Please be aware, that this is not production-quality code. You are free to use the code for […]