Project – New concept of the network of smart cameras with enhanced autonomy for automatic surveillance system

Scientific goal:

The aim of the project is to develop a framework for an effective, embedded system based, distributed camera network. The research performed during the course of the project will be focused on three main fields:

  • development of efficient image processing algorithms or adaptation of the existing algorithms, to allow high-performance detection, tracking and description/classification within the visual sensor node,
  • development of efficient data fusion algorithms in a network of cameras to allow distributed target tracking and information fusion,
  • resource-aware processing, i.e. effective use of communication infrastructure, processing resources and supplied power.

General summary:

The general summary is available in separated pdf file available under this link.


Start date:  09.2012
End date: 11.2015


  • Michał Fularz
  • Marek Kraft
  • Andrzej Kasiński (supervisor)

Scientific publications:

Other publications:

Tools and code available (with MIT license):

Databases published:

The PUT surveillance dataset is a publicly available database of color, high resolution images useful in evaluation of various algorithms in the field of video surveillance. The additional data provided with the images facilitates the evaluation of tracking, recognition and reidentification across sequences of images. The dataset is available at:
PUT Surveillance Dataset


This research was financed by the Polish National Science Centre grant funded according to the decision DEC-2011/03/N/ST6/03022, which is gratefully acknowledged.

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